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Hollywood LaserDisc

This website is a one woman show! Owned and operated by Maxeene Davlin, a Laserdisc enthusiast and musician. This site is here to give you quality selections at competitive pricing with a personalized experience for both desktop and mobile/tablet devices.


Maxeene The LaserDisc Queen

Maxeene found her calling to Laserdiscs at age 6 when she watched her first LD (Christmas Vacation). From then on, she always had the memory of experiencing the expensive and huge format in the back of her mind. By age 16, she had been collecting records for a few years and was beginning to run into LD's during her hunts. In holding that first giant, shiny disc, she sought out to buy her first player, a Pioneer CLD-D406 and American Graffiti and fell in love with the format all over again. A couple years later, she started working at a record store and the owner decided that the Laserdisc section of the store was getting too big and he needed the space for more records, so he told Maxeene to donate them! She asked if she could take some and he said sure, so in a matter of minutes she had an instant collection of over 500 discs! It wasn't until 2015 that she started to run out of movies she wanted to watch, so she began searching out more specific titles. In doing so, she stumbled across a group of people as passionate about the format as she was and began to feel at home with her hobby that most people in their 20's don't necessarily share. With a constantly growing collection of discs and passion for the format, she decided to open a website and the rest is history!

Future Past


During her early sale days, so many people that live on the east coast or in other countries were wanting discs. In not being able to fully keep up communication and negotiations with the different time zones, it's been great to have a way to offer sales 24/7! But it wasn't enough just to build any site, being a young, tech savvy person she wanted to create a better way to buy your favorite dead format on any smart, mobile device!
This site definitely represents Maxeene and her LaserDreams! Thanks to each and every person who has helped me to make this site possible!! I sincerely appreciate it!



We buy LASERDISCS, Laser Discs, Laser Disks, LaserDisks!!

If you have LaserDiscs or LaserDisc players and want to donate or sell them, you can contact Maxeene via email at hollywoodlaserdisc@gmail.com

We are California based, so if you're in SoCal too- let us know!