Ninja Turf aka L.A. Streetfighters (1986) [30648] SEALED


Starring: Jun Chong, Phillip Rhee, James Lew

Cover: VG++/NM-

Disc(s): Copy is sealed so disc condition cannot be checked


  •  CLV 1986 pressing

          Other condition notes:

          Copy from a former Pioneer Laserdisc factory manager's California home. Discs always stored inside a temperature controlled home inside a plastic sleeve. Sleeve removed to take photographs.

          Storyline via imdb: 

          A Korean immigrant in L.A. encounters difficulties when he refuses to join the all-Korean gang in his high school. 

          Tony is the new kid at school. He befriend gang leader Young, whose top rival is Chan. Tony is also dating Chan's sister, Lily. When Young and Tony are hired as personal security, they head to a private party run by a drug dealer. When Young steals the money from the dealer, two hitmen arrive and torture his gang. Young must fight them off but also face the wrath of Chan. Tony must help his new friend before it's too late.



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          • 3/5 - Heavy rot: multicolored snow all over the screen
          • 4/5 - Critical rot: analog sound is distorted, digital sound clicks and pops
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