Robocop: Special Edition Criterion #198 (1987) WS CAV THX [CC1350L]

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Cover: VG++

Disc(s): VG++

Other condition notes:

Copy from a California, smoke free, super collector's home. Discs always stored inside a temperature controlled home inside a plastic sleeve. Sleeve removed to take photographs. 


  • New THX digital film transfer in its director-approved aspect ratio of 1.66:1, presented entirely in the full-feature CAV standard play format
  • Unrated Director's Cut, including excessively violent shots, cut from the theatrical release to avoid an X-Rating
  • Audio commentaries with director Paul Verhoeven, co-writer Ed Neumeier, producer Jon Davison, and RoboCop expert Paul Sammon on the analog tracks
  • Shooting RoboCop: Extensive still-frame supplement chronicling the production of RoboCop
  • A look at the special effects and creation of RoboCop
  • Storyboards and publicity stills, film-to-storyboard comparison
  • Contains liner notes by Carrie Rickey.

About the transfer:

The laserdisc is in the director approved aspect ratio of 1.66:1. This new digital transfer was created from pristine 35mm interpositive with the original 35mm 2-track Dolby Surround stereo magnetic master.


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  • 2/5 - Medium rot: still can be watched but speckles are becoming distracting
  • 3/5 - Heavy rot: multicolored snow all over the screen
  • 4/5 - Critical rot: analog sound is distorted, digital sound clicks and pops
  • 5/5 - Death: disc cannot be played anymore

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