Friday the 13th is Our BIRTHDAY!💿💿

We are so excited for our birthday that we decided to do a HUGE month long sale on the website!!
If are a part of our Email LaserList you’ get to see the sale codes first!!

There will be different sales happening at different times so it's going to be lots of fun!
The sale will be going from Friday October 13th- October 31st Halloween!

So here's the codes:
FRIDAYTHE13TH - 13% off your entire order, Min purchase of $13- Good 10/13-10/14
SATURDAYTHE14TH - $10 off all Laserdiscs - Min purchase of $25 -Good 10/14-10/15
BIRTHDAYSALEW1 - 20% off Box Sets- Good 10/13-10/21
BIRTHDAYSALEW2 -20% off Criterion Collection - Good 10/21-10/28
HALLOWEEN -31% off your entire order - Good 10/31-11/01

Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page:, Instagram @hollywoodlaserdisc, and in your email as we'll be posting some flash sale codes and secret sales!

New discs will continue to be added throughout the month also, so there's lots of new things coming!

As Always, feel free to email us if you have any questions, if you're looking for something specific and want to play personal shopper, or if you have any suggestions for us!!

Thank you for your support and making this site possible- it means a lot <3

Enjoy the sale!!