Sad news

It literally hurts me with every ounce of my being to have to say this-
My storage place where all the discs are stored flooded 4 inches.
I’ve been crying about it for hours because it hurts me to my core to have these things I love so much be ruined in any way.
25 boxes were affected by the water and approximately 500-700 that were so damaged they had to be thrown away.
Never in my life could I have ever imagined myself putting a single disc in a trash can and I cried the whole time doing it.
I saved as many as I could from it and spent the coming weeks working to clean it up.
I know they’re just things, but they’re my things and I love each and every one of them.
All I’ve ever wanted was for them to be in good homes and for them to get hurt on my watch just hurts me so deeply-
I hate so much that this happened and I hate to have to give news like this.
My heart is broken right now.