Now that things have become more settled and dried out, we're at a place where we can actually move out of here!

We have a place in mind, but we'll let you know once we've secured it.

As of now, the inventory on the site is not current- once we've moved into the new space the entire site will be gone through and fully updated with current condition and descriptions. We've separated out anything that was involved in the flooding and was able to be saved. At this time, unless it is something very rare and worth saving to pass on to a new home, those discs will not be listed on the site. We hold high standards for the quality and condition of each LD that we have. If any disc does not meet those standards, they will not be listed on the site. We took the time to make a page devoted to our standards so you can read them as well -HERE. As always, please read the description of condition and feel free to email with any questions!

Thanks so much again for sticking with me through all this, it means the world.