Hi Everyone!

Max is officially moved into her new HollywoodLaserLand apartment and all discs and inventory are getting settled in with her!

Thanks to everyone who has been so patient and understanding during this crazy time!

I sincerely appreciate it!

New stock will be added and old stock/ out of stock items will be checked and updated over the coming weeks

If there's anything specific you'd be interested in, the current disc count is 3,800!!! So as always, feel free to shoot me an email with specific titles / a wish list and I can get back to you with what I have

It will take me a bit to get all the new stock up on the site so I'm always happy to check for specifics and do bundles!

In honor of finally being at the new place, use code LASERLAND for $5 off all orders  

Thanks again friends! Hope you have a great week :)